Our Story

LIFTLDN depicts the epitome of the rapidly emerging fashion trend which has witnessed streetwear and fitness clothing combine into a fashion style of its own. 

Our look reflects success and is a statement of who you are and the lifestyle you seek. LIFTLDN products are cut from the very finest fabrics, we take a great deal of time to carefully select and identify the best possible materials and fabrics for our collections. Each item is designed to move with the body and gives you the confidence to deal with any situation.  

LIFTLDN is a fashion brand born and bred in London U.K taking influences from many fashion cultures and areas such as the UK music scene, the ever changing media and the impact of the modern day sports arena.

We make it our business to understanding what the current trends are and what fashion means to those who take pride in wearing it. 

LIFTLDN aim to forge the way for streetwear and fitness fashion and is one of the leading influencers in this ever growing global market place.